I could put in this page more than one quote, but none would define me. Detached by default, I never feel part of anything, art is the only way I know to connect myself with the world, to generate empathy, to feel, to exist. I look for the unveiling of the aura, and then I swim back to the void, waiting for the new. I write, draw, photograph, play guitar, everything is part of the attempt to always see in a new way the eternal return of the equal.

Claudia Fuggetti was born in Taranto in 1993. She started to work in photography since her adolescence, obtaining several awards in her city. After graduating in Cultural Heritage, she won a scholarship to attend the Naba Master in Photography and Visual Design, in Milan. Her research projects have been exhibited and published by Life Framer, Cosmos Arles Books, Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, Fondazione Carriero, Mediterraneo Fotofestival, Cargo Art, HANT - Magazin für Fotografie, The Visual Voices Magazine NY, Artribune, Fisheye and Paradise Magazine California. In addition she has also collaborated with adidas originals and Absolut Vodka on commercial projects.


2016 - 2017 - Master in Photography and Visual Design, NABA
Academy, Milan, Italy
2012-2015 - Degree in Cultural Heritage, Università del Salento, Lecce, Italy


2019 - November 17, Release № 11 »Back to Reality« /w DIE Epilog @Kunsthalle/Kurhaus, Frankfurt 
2019 - August 1, Perimetro Issue #10, Talk at Elita Bar, Via Padova 144 Project, Milan
2018 - From 2 to 8 July, The family of No Man, Cosmos Arles Books, Arles
2018 - Fondazione Carriero Take a picture-Sol Lewitt: between the lines, Fondazione Carriero, Milan
2017 - Collective exhibition "Altrilavori, 4.0 planet", Spacelab, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, Milan
2017 - Collective exhibition, Gallery "The Lone T Artspace", Abyss, Milan
2015 - Mediterraneo Fotofestival, Absence, Vernazza Palace, Lecce
2014 - "10 years of Fotoscuolalecce" best students, Charles V Castle, Lecce
2012 - "I tesori dell'isola", finalists collective exhibition, Taranto
2010- Solo exhibition, Palazzo Galeota, Taranto


2020 - Alice in Quarantine, Fisheye Magazine - Interview (EN - FR)
2020 - Rolling Stone Black Camera, Nite Clubberz, intervista (IT)
2020 - Nite Clubberz, NOC SENSEI - sezione talenti
2020 - Perimetro, Nite Clubberz
2019 - Domus, Perimetro, Via Padova 144
2019 - Perimetro Issue #10, cover project, Via Padova 144
2019 - Life Framer Collection
2019 - Artelaguna World
2019 - Resident Advisor
2019 - Cargocollective Art, Best of the week
2018 - Open Call Editor’s Pick, Intelligence and Imagination, special mention - Life Framer
2018 - The Hopper Prize, Sediment
2018 - HANT – Magazin für Fotografie »BACK TO REALITY« 
2018 - Artribune, Sem & Stènn for Absolut Vodka and Club to Club 
2018 - The family of No Man, Cosmos Arles Books, Loop
2018 - Paradise Magazine, printed Issue#3, Gaps 
2018 - The Visual Voices Magazine, Gaps, artist feature
2018 - Fondazione Carriero Take a picture award 
2017 - 18 "Nothing to see here" Magazine, Deep dream
2017 - Fondazione Feltrinelli, Spacelab
2014 - La Repubblica, Absence